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Empower Your Business with
A Completely Customizable Restaurant Platform

The White Label Solution with the Look and Feel of a Custom App at a Fraction of the Price

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 food delivery software

To deliver a world-class digital restaurant experience

We combine our passion for food with our business savvy and coding chops

Customizable Restaurant Platform

Fully Customizable White
Label Apps

With the other guys you get a website or webapp. With TableTuck you get a full suite of apps for customers, the kitchen, in-house delivery and a website. Fully-branded and exclusively yours, there's no need to compete against everyone else's menu like the "big delivery services" apps make you do. All at a fraction of the price of a custom app.


In-House/3rd Party Delivery Toggle

Delivery is the name of the game post-pandemic, but 3rd party delivery is expensive! On busy days why not use your own delivery driver and pay by the hour instead of by delivery? With our driver app you and your customers can track the delivery just like the 3rd party delivery apps offer. On slower days switch to deliver via 3rd party app. All at the touch of a button. Its that easy!

Restaurant Ordering

Unbeatable Value

As restaurant owners we quickly found our revenue chipped away by high fees and commissions. We resolved to fix that with our own app and then decided to offer it to everyone at a price even a startup can afford.

tabletuck Customizable Restaurant Platform

Free yourself to focus on what really matters: your customers, your experience, and your food!

With fully customizable mobile applications for customers, the kitchen and a fully-integrated delivery driver application with 3rd party delivery capability, TableTuck connects all the digital components of your business in one platform.

TableTuck digital restaurant